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Re-writing the Safety Bible: The evolving role of ISO 26262 in the standardisation ecosystem as we enter a new era of mobility.

Part of Automotive IQ's Application of ISO 26262 Conference

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

09:00 - 18:00, Berlin, Germany

The 26262 club joins forces with Automotive IQ

Meet us at the Application of ISO 26262 Conference this coming April 26-28, 2022

Save the date: Monday, 26 April, 10:00 - 18:00, Berlin, Germany

In this year’s conference, the 26262 club opens up the discussion on the anticipated third edition and the emerging role of ISO 26262 within the evolving standards ecosystem. We bring on stage key global players from WG8 alongside authors of the most prominent upcoming standards and share must-have insights from the global standardisation community. Goal of the day is to facilitate collaboration and open discussion between different groups and practitioners.


  • Round table discussions with international and national members of WG 8 on anticipated changes

  • Navigating through different standards requirements: Best practices from top practitioners and Must-Do’s vs Good-to-Do’s to ensure safe operations

  • Active participation from international members of the most important standards and side by side comparison on application 


  • S1: Insights from the Standardisation Scene
  • S2: Interrelation of Standards from User's Perspective
  • S3: Discussion on Upcoming Third Edition

Learn from industry experts


Join our speakers and other guest experts for an interactive day, full with insightful presentations, round tables and Q&A's about how they've implemented winning functional safety strategies throughout the value chain.


  • Certificate of attendance
  • 8 hours of content including presentations, worksheets, discussion outcomes
  • Direct communication with the ISO 26262 intl' standard writers

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